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Your “Made in Canada” QSR Franchisee Partner

Redberry, and Canada, is Bursting with Opportunities

  • Our Vision is to be Canada’s most profitable, largest, most-admired and trusted multi-brand QSR Franchisee.
  • Our Mission is to become the fastest growing and “go to” Franchisee partner for a select group of high-growth QSR Franchisors in Canada.

“The Redberry team has a unique and unrivaled perspective of how the Canadian QSR restaurant landscape functions. From operations, to development, to people, to marketing, we are poised to be a growth partner for fast-moving Franchised concepts that want to make Canada a big deal.” ~ Ken Otto, CEO Redberry


Redberry is a leading multi-brand QSR Franchisee with significant scalability that offers compelling growth opportunities for Franchised concepts interested in growing in Canada.

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Redberry is Burger King’s largest Canadian Franchise partner with 110 restaurants. Our Burger King restaurants are currently located across Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Redberry recently entered into a 100+ store development agreement, have plans to remodel upwards of 40 current restaurants, and have an urgent focus to acquire existing BURGER KING locations.


We own and operate 20+ Pizza Hut restaurants, all in the province of Alberta.

We are seeking growth opportunities via new builds and acquisitions under the Pizza Hut banner.


We are seeking other successful QSR brands with either a base of restaurants in Canada or thinking of expanding here. We can be a unique consolidation partner, helping new or existing brands simplify complex support infrastructures and supporting their growth and modernization mandates.